“Poetry has never sounded so alive…” - Cerys Matthews, BBC Radio 6

“Astounding Welsh poet with performances that get you in the emotional gut…” – Ian McMillan, The Verb, BBC Radio 3

“She captures and subverts cliché for poetry’s purpose, lets sound ring in the lines, weaves common speech with lyrical language…” – Gillian Clarke

“…The unique voice lies in the music of the language, a distinctly un-English sound, often in a minor key, elegiac but with unexpected leaps of the imagination. Against a Celtic bass-line, she sets her own modern turn of phrase and sense of humour…” – Hugo Williams

“Rhian Edwards makes the language sing and dance. Join her campaign for the liberation of poetry from all that is dry, stuffy, insincere and boring…” – Christopher Reid

“Although her poems are accessible – and I would strongly recommend them to anyone who thinks they don’t like poetry – and supremely crafted they are also inhabited by something far rarer, an unerring ability to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.” – Michael Hodges, Time Out London

Reviews of Clueless Dogs:

“The strength of this poetry comes from the variety of subjects amplified by the imaginative approaches and conveyed with a linguistic surefootedness. Edwards is a strikingly confident new voice.Poetry Wales (Click here to read more).

“Reading Clueless Dogs, the merits of the poems are obvious; it is clear that Edwards’ confidence as a performer is an extension of her confidence in writing.” New Welsh Review (Click here to read more)

“One of her greatest abilities is her verb choice; a rarer gift these days than, perhaps, it should be. She crafts verb phrases that are at the same time startling and incisive. Edwards’s strength, though, lies in her portraits, characterised by a Chekhovian refusal to judge her subjects.” Planet Magazine (Click here to read more)

” The story-telling child has become a poet who successfully channels fear by her manipulation of language and imagery and defuses it with her ironic wit.” The Welsh Books Council (click here to read more)

“This is a poet actually in love with poetry, rather than half-mocking it from the margins. At a time when sincerity and ‘the personal’ are generally viewed as badges of uncool,Clueless Dogs is like two fingers in the face of fashion; proud of its constructions, unselfconscious in the act of remembering.” Eyewear Blog (Click here to read more)