Clueless Dogs – Now Available!

Winner of the Wales Book of the Year 2013, the Roland Mathias Prize 2013 and Wales Book of the Year People’s Choice 2013. It was also shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best First Collection 2012. You can now order copies of Rhian’s first collection of poems Clueless Dogs from the Seren website by clicking on the link.

Parade the Fib (Pamphlet)

Parade the Fib (Tall Lighthouse) which was awarded the Poetry Book Society Choice autumn 2008, is now no longer in print.

Other Publications & Poetry Magazines

July 2017: Poetry at Sangam (“This Was The Spring”, “It Is”, “The Addiction Counsellor”, “Prodigal Audience”)

August 2016: The Spectator (Pied Margot Part 5: “Jocale”)

July 2016: Planet Magazine (Pied Margot Part 3: “The Reckoning”)

June 2015: Poetry Wales (“The Birds of Rhiannon”, “The Bird of the Century” & Pied Margot Parts 1 and 2)

April 2015: Scintilla 18 (“The Gulls are Mugging”, “The Universal Doodle” & “Return of the Native”)

July 2014: Wales Arts Review (“Beyond the Perforation”)

November 2013: New Statesman (“The Human Wall”)

August 2013: Planet (Review of Barkin!)

May 2013: New Welsh Review (“My Mary Jane”)

February 2013: Blown Magazine (“Going Back for Light”)

January 2013: The Prague Revue (“Coldsores”)

December 2012: The Spectator (“Fourth Floor”)

November 2012: The Lampeter Review (“Net Curtain”, “The Mask” & “House Share”)

October 2012: Anthem Journal (“No Place”, “Nyctophobia”, “Unmentionable” & “Shardeloes Road”)

September 2012: The Same Magazine (“Steed”, “The Woman Downstairs”, “Ritual”, “After”)

June 2012: The Guardian (Poem of the Week) (“Fruition”)

May 2012: The Guardian (the Saturday Poem) (“Parents Evening”)

May 2012: Launch of Clueless Dogs (Seren)

April 2012: The Spectator (“Alison”)

April 2012: Lung Jazz (Cinnamon anthology of young British poets) (“Hunch”)

Nov 2011: The Raconteur (“Skype”, “Penetrative Discourse” & Antithesis”)

Nov 2011: Planet Magazine (“Parents Evening”)

March 2011: Times Literary Supplement (“Safe”)

Jan 2011: Poetry Wales (“The Petrifying Well” & “Traveller”)

Aug 2010: The Spectator (“The Wrong Season”)

July 2010: Borderlines Magazine (“The Hatching”)

June 2010: Poetry Review (“Pinchbeck”)

June 2010: Arete (“Broken Lifeboat’, “Playing Dead” & “Outcast Hours”)

Sept 2009: Stand Magazine (“Sheer”, “Hitched”, “Back to Bed” & “Old Friends”)

July 2009: The Spectator (“The Pest Controller”)

Feb 2009: The Spectator (“Petra”)

Oct 2008: Poetry London (“The Action”)

Sept 2008: The London Magazine (“Marital Visit”)

May 2008: Launch of Parade the Fib (Tall Lighthouse)

April 2008: The Spectator (“Bridgend”)

July 2007: The Spectator (“The Cry”)

July 2007: The Delinquent Magazine (“The Welshman Who Couldn’t Sing” & “Crossed”)

May 2007: The Fix Magazine (“Clapham Birds”)

Jan 2007: Pen Pusher (“Eyeful”)

Nov 2005: The Wolf Magazine (“Penetrative Discourse”)

Jan 2005: Poetry Wales (“Sea of Her” & “Unmentionable”)

Oct 2004: Exhibition of poem at the Royal Festival Hall over International Poetry Week (“Unmentionable”)